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Talking Points: How Diverse and Inclusive Apprenticeships Address Employer Needs

Engage employers around equitable and inclusive apprenticeships with talking points aligned to common business concerns.

Updated 17/9/2017
College Student Having Meeting With Tutor To Discuss Work

Apprenticeship is a proven work-based learning model that can provide a pipeline of skilled employees and help businesses develop new, high-quality talent pools that include women, people of color, and opportunity youth.

This tool is designed for business services representatives, job developers, and other practitioners looking to engage employers in talent development. The talking points are organized to align common business concerns—high turnover, the cost of internal development programs, lack of diversity and inclusion, and the need to maximize company value—with the solution of equitable and inclusive apprenticeships. 

The user-friendly format provides questions staff can ask employers to learn more about their workforce needs, backed by facts and supports available to employers as they take steps to build a skilled and diverse staff.

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