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The Challenge

A degree isn’t the only path to success. This outdated mindset isn’t meeting the needs of young people or the modern workforce.

10.7 million

unfilled jobs in the country—and not all require degrees

#1 challenge

for U.S. CEOs is labor shortages

47% of high schoolers

say they are not likely to attend college

The Opportunity

Young people are looking for more learning opportunities after high school that lead to well-paid, meaningful careers. Employers are struggling to attract talent but need to know how to evaluate candidates with valuable career skills and no degrees.

We can build a future that works for all of us. From short-term, stackable credentials to a myriad of other non-degree paths, reliable options that lead to promising careers and great skills already exist.

Separator Beige
It’s time we embrace them.
Get the resources to get started.