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Horizons: On the Record – Career Navigation in a Dynamic Economy

Updated 26/5/2022
Individual walking through factory
Discover new and innovative approaches to navigating education and career pathways.

More than ever there are many options and many considerations for learners and workers at various stages of their lives. The two-part video by Jobs for the Future (JFF) focuses on the critical component of education and career navigation. Watch leaders journey across the country and talk to experts about innovative offerings from modern-day apprenticeships to digital transformation in rural communities to the future of learning assessments. The leaders featured include:

  • Amit Sevak, (elect) CEO of ETS 
  • Jared Polis, Colorado Governor  
  • Kristina Francis, Executive Director, JFF 
  • David Soo, Chief of Staff, JFF 
  • Steve Yadzinski, Senior Innovation Officer, JFF

Watch part 1.

Watch part 2.

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