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Podcast: Lessons in Adolescence with Julie Lammers & Dr. Rahul Choudaha

Explore the results of a survey of employers and adolescents around non-degree postsecondary education opportunities.

Updated 19/4/2022

This “Lessons in Adolescence” episode features a conversation with Julie Lammers and Dr. Rahul Choudaha at ASU+GSV 2022. Julie is Senior Vice President of Advocacy and Corporate Social Responsibility for American Student Assistance, and Rahul is Managing Director of Higher Education at Morning Consult.

Julie and Rahul discuss a survey of employers and adolescents that sheds light on what is meant by multiple pathways in the postsecondary space, the perceptions of those pathways, and some of the delicate communication challenges that highlight the value of multiple pathways without setting different expectations for youth driven by certain biases.

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