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Guided Career Pathways Framework

Learn about a new model for postsecondary learning that addresses the needs of a changing economy.

Updated 12/10/2022
illustration of a building with four pillars that are each a different color
Credentials That Lead to Careers: Building Pathways to Equitable Economic Advancement

Dramatic disruptions in our labor market and economy require a responsive and dynamic model for postsecondary education. Today’s rapidly changing economy has exacerbated disparities for Black, Latinx, and Indigenous workers, as well as those in low-wage jobs. Many adult learners are seeking faster ways to acquire skills and advance, while employers demand new avenues to develop the skills of their workforce.

The two-year, semester-based model is not suited for this profound economic change. Jobs For the Future (JFF) has proposed a new model, one that reflects the current need for rapid reskilling and a world of work being transformed by technology; that supports adult students balancing family and work obligations; that acknowledges and grants credit for the skills gained through work; and that focuses on racial and socio-economic equity. Learn more and get resources, strategies, and tools to help expand and strengthen Guided Career Pathways.

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