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Growing Talent from Within: A Business and Social Imperative

Discover how Tyson empowered its workforce with skills that enabled them to become successful for positions beyond the production line.

Updated 7/7/2021
Girl with a hijab in a conference room smiling at the man seat next to her.

Frontline workers without formal education credentials are often left out of corporate talent strategies. Employers spend just 17 percent of their formal training and education budgets on workers with a high school diploma or less, as compared to the 58 percent they spend developing degree holders. Without additional support, this overlooked population, comprising nearly one-tenth of the population, will likely remain locked out of opportunities that would benefit them, their employers, and the economy.

To combat this phenomenon, Tyson partnered with Jobs for the Future (JFF) to create the Upward Pathways program to upskill and advance this workforce. The program provides Tyson team members with essential basic and technical skills and work attributes, enabling them to become successful applicants for critical positions beyond the production line.

Learn more about how Tyson and JFF formulated a design approach to create greater economic mobility for millions of adults throughout the United States while meeting internal talent needs at the same time.

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