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Fireside Chat: The Future of Career Education

Updated 12/4/2022

Watch the video.

Hear from experts on approaches to achieve equitable access to career education.

Watch Michael Horn, Author & Senior Strategist at Guild Education, and Jean Eddy, President & CEO at American Student Assistance discuss an alternative to learning about careers in the classroom and what just could be the most effective approach to achieving equitable access to career education. 

Career-connected learning opportunities are not uniform across the U.S. and our school systems have competing—and often conflicting—priorities, which makes access to experiences that are proven to increase students’ long-term success sporadic, at best. The Covid-19 pandemic has also exacerbated learning challenges—creating fundamental inequity in education and, unfortunately, slowing the progress of a national standard for career education in our school systems. The results? Students do not have equitable access to the information they need to make informed career and postsecondary education plans, limiting their opportunity for long-term success. The silver lining of this crisis is an opportunity to reset the ways in which we think about career education and the age at which we begin having these important conversations.


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