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Podcast: The Impact Opportunity of Career Navigation Technology in the Workforce System

Updated 30/11/2021
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Hear about the innovative potential of career navigation technology on the workforce.

Even as the national dialogue surrounding the recovery from the converging crises of 2020 has shifted, the U.S. workforce system continues to experience immense demand from Americans navigating important decisions about life, learning, and work. At this moment, the system has an opportunity to reinvent the way workers approach and resolve career decisions by putting powerful new tools and platforms to use as part of the wide-scale shift to digital service delivery.

In this episode of Workforce Central, JFFLabs Director Clare Bertrand goes into detail about this opportunity for the workforce system with National Association of Workforce Boards CEO Ron Painter. In the podcast, Bertrand explains that while effective career navigation platforms can empower workers to use data, such as labor market information and employment statistics, to help identify their own marketable in-demand skills, and connect with training and education options as well as careers, the human-side of career navigation still plays a key role in placement and advancement.

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