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Podcast: Blurring the Lines Between Education and Work

Updated 28/3/2022
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Explore ways to set up today’s youth for equitable economic advancement in the decades ahead.

To set up today’s younger generations for equitable economic advancement in the 

decades ahead, we need bold, radical solutions to tear down structural barriers and transform our postsecondary education, training, and career development systems. One key area to fix is the intractable disconnect between high school, higher education, and the workforce in this country.

This episode of the Horizons podcast proposes rethinking and restructuring grades 11-14, which traditionally have been the last two years of high school and the first two years of college, into something new. In this episode, host Tameshia Bridges Mansfield looks back at the in-depth discussion about The Big Blur from last year’s Horizons Summit, including insights from:

  • JFF Vice President Joel Vargas, a co-author of The Big Blur
  • Kim Hunter Reed, Louisiana Commissioner of Higher Education
  • Russell Lowery-Hart, President of Amarillo College in the Texas Panhandle
  • Michael Matsuda, Superintendent of Anaheim Union High School District in Orange County, California
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